A feeling of peace, tranquility and joy. 
There we have the key words to a wonderful home. 

Something that is very important in that context is what details you surround yourself with. They are the ones that make up the whole and that control what style and feeling you have in your home. 

Our interior design range has influences of both the rustic and rustic as well as the more industrial. We hope that our selected products will fit in and create harmony in your home.
Brick Moulds
16.47 EUR
Blanket - Cream/Vintage Powder
19.26 EUR 27.52 EUR
Tiles - Flower
4.51 EUR
Flower Jug
25.70 EUR 36.72 EUR
16.04 EUR 22.91 EUR
& - Sign
6.38 EUR 9.11 EUR
Lantern - 'Atmosphere'
16.04 EUR 22.91 EUR
Metal Star
4.14 EUR
4.14 EUR