Net Bag - Nature

12.37 EUR
Leverantör: KeepJar

Incredibly nice net bag in a beautiful nature/beige color with long handles.

It's perfect to have this in your bag - always ready to be used for sustainable shopping and helping you avoid using as many plastic bags.
In the summertime it's also amazing to use both as a beachbag and as a casual everyday bag. 

The gloriuos thing about this net bag is that it expands with whatever you put into it. You can fit around the same amount of stuff that you'd normally have in two regular plastic bags at the supermarket.

- 100% Vegan

- Made in a GOTS-certified factory in India

- Materials: Eco GOTS -certified cotton (and coloring)

- Weigth-capacity: 5kg+ (Limited by what you'll be able to carry on your shoulders)